This has been a strange year.

Personally I've been incredibly lucky, with opportunities to work on interesting projects and travel all over the world from the island of Svalbard to the island of Kauai. I've enjoyed the most freedom I've ever had, but as the year went on, I increasingly felt like I was doing so while things were on fire.

A woman in China begs for bitcoin.

All over the world, it feels like people are at an inflection point, where the future will be more volatile than the past. There are a lot of unknown unknowns.

Inauguration Day is in less than three weeks. We have a lot of work to do.

Learn who represents you, especially at the local level. If something is wrong, don't email, don't write, call them. They notice. Tons of local elections are won by less than a hundred votes: you, personally, can swing the outcome of one of them.

Read Chris Arnade. Fight for denser, more beautiful, more inclusive cities. Make something beautiful. Fight the blight.

Every day, show at least one person some love.

Let's get it.